Meet the youngest Odia Wikipedian.

Ashutosh Sarangi, a 6th-grade student age 11 years is the youngest contributor to the Odia Wikimedia projects. He is one of the most active contributors to Odia Wikisource. Ashutosh started contributing to Odia Wikisource after attending the secimg_5636

ond Odia Wikipedia workshop in Delhi in February 2015 and is going to complete his first anniversary in Odia Wikisource.

Being a student from Delhi, Ashutosh never studied his mother tongue Odia in his educational curriculum, because of family interaction, He was only able to speak in Odia. His mother Pankajamala Sarangi, another active user of Odia Wikisource helped Ashutosh in learning Odia by teaching him how to read and write the Odia language with the help of a Delhi-based organization called the Intellects.
Ashutosh says, contributing to Odia Wikisource helps in digitization of the Odia language and makes availability of Odia books on internet. He has edited “Semananka Piladina” and many other Odia books on Odia Wikisource. He uses Google OCR tool for his contribution which was taught to him on WhatsApp by Chinmayee Mishra, this OCR tool helped Ashutosh to contribute frequently to Wikisource.
As a member of Odia Wikimedia community, He recently attended the WikiConference India in August 2016, where he was the youngest Wikimedian among all the participants. He received a trophy from Natalia Tymkiv the Board member of Wikimedia Foundation for being the youngest volunteer in the conference. During WikiConference India, Ashutosh  got a chance to meet most of the Odia Wikipedians for the first time and also different language Wikipedians, which helped him gaining the knowledge of editing and better understanding of the movement. In future he wants to contribute more to the Odia Wikisource by digitizing more number of books and making it available for everyone. He also wishes to contribute and learn more on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.

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